Imagine a world where you can grow your own vibrant garden, filled with an abundance of colorful flowers and delicious fruits and vegetables. A world where the simple act of planting a tiny seed can bring joy, beauty, and sustenance to your life. Welcome to our Free Seed Library.

At Origin and North, we believe in the power of nature and the incredible potential that lies within a tiny seed. That's why we are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to receive free seeds. These seeds are not just any ordinary seeds; they are a gateway to a world of possibilities.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner with a green thumb, these free seeds are the perfect way to expand your garden and explore new varieties. Plant them in your backyard, on your balcony, or even in a small pot on your windowsill. Watch as they sprout, grow, and transform into beautiful plants that will bring life and vibrancy to your surroundings.

Our initiative with the FREE SEED PROGRAM is to get seeds back into as many hands as possible. We are dedicated to ensuring seeds reach a broad range of individuals, assisting those interested in cultivating their own food and supporting the needs of pollinators.