AFC Fiber Exchange - Fall 2023

Welcome to the Fall 2023 AFC Fiber Exchange!

Here at A Fiber Collective, we love sending yarn-y happy mail, it's just what we do! Let's welcome a season of sharing fiber, connecting with other makers, and making friends! We've had many from the last round make long lasting meaningful connections, and it's really just the best.

September 1: Sign Ups Open
September 8: Sign Ups Close
September 9-15: Partner Matching & Emails
October 27: International Packages Out
November 3: Domestic Packages Out


What is the Fiber Exchange?
Exactly what it sounds like, but essentially it's a yarn/fiber swap. You will be paired with a partner to exchange a parcel full of wonderful yarn and/or fiber things. This is a chance to make new fiber friends near and far! 

Who Can Participate?
Anyone and everyone who has a passion for fiber arts, regardless of the craft. If you're a knitter, crocheter, weaver, or spinner, feel free to register.

We do have a few requirements:
1. You are required to have a valid, active, Instagram username
2. You are required to send at least 200 grams (7 oz) of yarn and/or fiber. Checkout the Package Requirements section below for more details.
3. You are required to send your package to your partner by the shipping deadline. This is a commitment!
4. You will be kind and follow the guidelines below. 

If you can't meet any of these requirements, please don't sign up. These exchanges are supposed to be a fun way to connect with other fiber lovers, and if you can't be committed to hold up your side of exchange, please don't register. It's disappointing to put your heart into a package only to have that not reciprocated, or to not receive a package at all. 

Does it Cost to Register?
Due to the amount of time involved in this exchange, we do charge a nominal fee of $7. This helps pay for the time and cover fees for lost and unsent packages - which usually includes fulfilling replacement packages and the shipping charges involved (international too!). 

Package Requirements:
This is the fun, but also very important part!
All packages must have 200g of yarn and/or fiber. We hope you'll opt to include a few extra goodies for your partner based upon their tastes and preferences. 
You can absolutely shop your stash if you wholeheartedly believe your partner will enjoy it. Do NOT send partial skeins or cakes unless your partner has requested them - ie, if your partner loves to weave or likes scrappy projects. It is not a requirement that you go and spend a boatload of money on brand new, high end, expensive things for your partners box, though we ask that you put thought and intention into what you send. Sharing and receiving packages is always exciting, so use this chance to make it something special! Pack your parcel as something you would hope to receive in the mail (though with your partners preferences). 

Budget-friendly things to include:

Share a recipe, cookies, a beverage packet (like tea!), chocolates/candies, etc. I've even received a full loaf of pumpkin bread in a previous swap. If sending food items and shipping internationally, please think about customs and shipping timeframes. Nobody wants confiscated or spoiled goods. Handwritten notes, patterns, and things of the like are always good too!

Other things you could include:

Candles, salves or balms, tote bags, tools, notions, stickers, note cards, etc. Perhaps your partner enjoys gardening - send them a packet of seeds, or drop in a little treat for the kids or a furry family member.
There are tons of ways to beef up those packages on a budget, which I know many of us are mindful of these days. Don't skimp out because you feel like you can't afford it.. get creative! 

Picking Your Partners & International Shipping:
After filling out the survey, you will be paired with a partner based upon your answers. Once paired, I will email each person with their partners name, email address, and Instagram username so contact can be established. It will be up to you to contact your partner and get that conversation going! You will also be in charge of letting your partner know your mailing information.
Partner choosing will be based upon preferences noted in the survey like; whether you want a domestic or international partner, your craft interests, and things like your communication style (some of us are a part of Introverts Anonymous while others are far more outgoing and chatty).
** I will DO MY BEST to pair you with a partner based on your preferences, especially when it comes to shipping domestically or internationally. If for some reason there are a few "odd men out" and you can't afford international shipping, the registration funds can help out in those situations. 

Other things to note:

Shipping deadlines: 
International: October 27, 2023
Domestic: November 3, 2023

I strongly recommend shipping before the deadline if you can, and hold on to your shipping receipts! You will need to send your partner their tracking information so both parties can keep an eye out on shipment progress. This will also be your "proof of shipment" if the need arises.

I shouldn't have to say it, but The Fiber Exchange is meant to be an inclusive and safe space. Inappropriate behavior of ANY KIND , simply will not be tolerated. A Fiber Collective, and the fiber community as a whole, celebrates diversity across all fiber crafts - be a part of it, love it, and support it. If you are reported for ill-behavior (or not sending a package for that matter), you will be banned and won't be allowed to participate in future exchanges.