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Purple Kisses Daucus Seeds

Purple Kisses Daucus Seeds

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Minimum 50 seeds

3–5" lacy umbels sit atop strong, sturdy, upright stems. Flowers in shades of dark purple, pink, and approximately 15% white. Highly productive with 7–15 stems per plant. Long lasting in bouquets. Also known as Queen Anne's lace, ornamental carrot, and wild carrot.

Daucus carota
Full Sun
Seed Depth: 1/16"
Plant Spacing: 3-12"
Grows up to 36-50" May need support if exposed to windy areas

Direct seed (recommended) - In early spring after last frost or sow in the fall in the South. Sow every 2 weeks for a continuous summer harvest.

All of our seeds are:
• Non-GMO
• US grown
• Open-pollinated
• Untreated
• Tested regularly to ensure they meet the highest germination standards

All seeds are packaged in Kraft envelopes with a sticker stating the name and quantity of the variety. Seed packages will be mailed via tracked first class mail.

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