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Lemon Mint Seeds

Lemon Mint Seeds

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Towers of bright lavender 1 1/2-2" blooms on straight sturdy stems. A unique and easy-to-use cut flower that offers a spicy citrus fragrance to bouquets. The blooms and leaves are edible, though the leaves are intensely spicy. Native to the US and attracts beneficial insects. Also known as lemon bee balm, purple horsemint, and lemon mint.

Edible Flowers: Add petals to salads, sprinkle over mild fish, use in fruit salads, or to garnish desserts and drinks. Flavor is minty and spicy. Leaves are used to flavor salads, cooked foods, and tea.

You'll receive 50+ seeds packed in a kraft pouch.

Monarda citriodora
Full Sun
Seed Depth: 1/8"
Plant Spacing: 10-12"
Grows 30-38" tall

Transplant (recommended) - Sow 7-9 weeks before planting out. Direct seed - Cover seed lightly.

All of our seeds are:
• Non-GMO
• US grown
• Open-pollinated
• Untreated

All seeds are packaged in Kraft envelopes with a sticker stating the name and quantity of the variety. Seed packages will be mailed via tracked first class mail.

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