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Green Mist Ammi Seeds

Green Mist Ammi Seeds

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Minimum 50 seeds

This Ammi makes for a great greener bouquet filler with large flower heads that span 3-5" wide and sit on long, sturdy stems. Also known as false Queen Anne's lace, lace flower, false bishop's weed, toothpickweed, and bishop's weed. Great at attracting beneficial insects to the garden.

CAUTION: The milky sap of this plant may cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals. Exercise caution when harvesting. The purchaser assumes all liability relating to the use of this product.

Ammi visnaga
Full Sun
Seed Depth: 1/16"
Plant Spacing: 3-12"
Grows up to 36-50" May need support if exposed to windy areas.

Direct seed (recommended) - In early spring after last frost or sow in the fall in the South.

All of our seeds are:
• Non-GMO
• US grown
• Open-pollinated
• Untreated
• Tested regularly to ensure they meet the highest germination standards

All seeds are packaged in Kraft envelopes with a sticker stating the name and quantity of the variety. Seed packages will be mailed via tracked first class mail.

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